Tell your own Burundi Story

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Help change the narrative and perception of Burundi. Show the diversity of Burundi. Show the world how you see Burundi.

The Mirror Africa campaign was launched to change the narrative about Burundi. It's time to tell your own Burundi story!

Mirror Africa is a program created by Africans to paint a new picture of the African continent and now focuses on Burundi. The aim of the campaign is to summarize the impressions from the everyday lives of people in Burundi in a presentation that will amaze every person.

Applications are possible from March 8th to March 19th, 2023.

Are you a Burundian, whether in Burundi or in the diaspora, and are you interested in telling your own “Burundi Story”? Then apply with your own story in the form of poetry, film or pictures. Submissions are possible in different languages, such as English or French.

If you have any questions, please contact

Contribuez à changing the narrative and the perception of Burundi. Montrez sa diversity. Montrez au monde comment vous voyez le Burundi.

The Mirror Africa campaign was launched to change the narrative of Burundi. Il est temps de raconter votre propre histoire du Burundi!

Mirror Africa is a program created to form a new narrative on the continent of Africa, rassemblé par des Africains, which focuses mainly on Burundi.

The object of the campaign is the expression of the expressions of all the days in Burundi in a presentation with a magnifiquement structure that produces the following WOW!

The candidates open from 8 Mars to 19 Mars 2023.

Are you Burundais, who are from Burundi or in the diaspora, and are you interested in your own “Burundi Story”? Alors posez votre candidature ici avec votre propre histoire sous forme de poetry, de film or d’images. Les soumissions can be made in plus languages, for example in English or in French.

For all questions, please contact your address

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