“Connecting”: SEZ partnership project 

The SEZ promotes long-term partnerships between people in Baden-Württemberg and people in so-called developing and emerging countries. Today we are introducing you to one of these partnerships. The Afrokids International association based in Korb works with an association operating in Burundi. For political reasons we are not allowed to mention the name of the club. Together they want to secure the professional future of unemployed young people in Baden-Württemberg's partner country.

SEZ: What is the goal of the project? 

Afrokids International eV: Young people in Burundi are faced with very difficult living situations due to the ongoing economic crises. If they want to satisfy their basic existential needs, they have to become very creative. They usually need support to realize their projects. We therefore see it as our responsibility to act in solidarity with these people and to seek and find the necessary professional and financial support.  

Association in Burundi: It is important to us that peace and social cohesion are promoted. We also want people here to be able to take on more responsibility, in many areas.  

SEZ: How did you come to the partnership?  

Afrokids International: During a trip to Africa we noticed that the Burundian club and Afrokids share the same goals and values. This is how the idea of ​​a joint project came about.  

SEZ: What three words come to mind when you think of partnership?  

Afrokids International eV: Trust, solidarity, transparency.

Association in Burundi: For us it is love, transparency and selflessness  

SEZ: What has changed locally as a result of the partnership? What else can change as a result?  

Afrokids International eV: Many young people in Burundi have become young leaders. For example, if they have founded their own company.

Association in Burundi: We were able to expand our exchange with other young people in our community. Our young people have succeeded in achieving a change of perspective. They have learned from others and acquired new professional skills that will make it easier for them to integrate into normal life. Your professional independence is now the focus. We hope that our young adults will feel more included in the various areas of public and private institutions in the future. Especially where important decisions are made.  

SEZ: If a fairy godmother came to you, what three wishes would you have for the future of the partnership project?  

Afrokids International: We hope that this partnership will continue to be successful for a long time and be a beacon for South – North partnerships. We would also like to have a sustainable budget for the development of the projects in order to provide many people with social security and prospects. And we would like to have a long-term, trusting cooperation with our partner association in Burundi. With future ideas for the next generations.  

Association in Burundi: It is important for us to deepen the activities we have started and to reach and train more young people. In this way you can contribute to the well-being and peace of the entire community and society.  

You can read more about the SEZ’s understanding of partnership here: Understanding of partnership

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