Reliable partnerships are important

“We won’t solve the crisis in Burundi with coffee, but we will help 700 families earn a living.”

Schorndorf GREEN state parliament member Petra Häffner said this in mid-May at the opening of the SEZ traveling exhibition “Amahoro Burundi” in Schorndorf’s old town hall. In her speech, Häffner pointed out the desolate economic situation and the precarious political situation in the small East African country. She emphasized that reliable partnerships and reliable partners are all the more important. “The SEZ is a reliable partner for the country of Burundi and for the numerous private initiatives in Baden-Württemberg.” Baden-Württemberg and Burundi have had a partnership for more than 30 years.

Christian Bergmann, representing the city of Schorndorf, emphasized the responsibility of each and every individual in their daily consumer behavior. “The triad of prudence, responsibility and knowledge plays a major role in behavior.” Consumers have to take responsibility when shopping and “they need knowledge about the living conditions of people in the producing countries.” This “acting responsibly on site” plays a major role in the local agenda in Daimlerstadt. This is visible from the outside in the title “Fairtrade City”.  

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