World Water Day 2019 – SEZ promotes water projects

“Water and sanitation for all” is the motto of this year’s World Water Day. The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) also supports projects by Baden-Württemberg groups that improve water supplies in countries in the global south.

A well for Youmtenga

Until now, Youmtenga did not have its own well. The village belongs to the municipality of Dourtenga in the southeast of Burkina Faso in West Africa. There has been a partnership between the Sahel community of Dourtenga and Brühl in Baden-Württemberg for years. Now the Förderkreis Dourtenga eV has built a well in Youmtenga with financial support from the SEZ. The approximately 150 school children in the village benefit directly from this because the well was built near the school. And of course the entire population of Youmtenga, the people finally have clean drinking water. Contaminated water is often the cause of gastrointestinal diseases.

And the boys and girls at the primary school in Pissiribouli can also be happy. Thanks to the active support from Baden-Württemberg, they have now received two new latrines. One for the girls, one for the boys. Improved hygiene makes a significant contribution to children's health.

Yanbeli now has its own water

So far, the residents of Yanbeli in Ethiopia have had to laboriously transport the water they need from the valley from a source several kilometers away in canisters to their village on the high plateau. With financial support from the SEZ and the Alpha-Bet Ethiopia association from Bruchsal, the residents of Yanbeli are now receiving a new well. The villagers have wanted this well for years. It will supply 2.000 residents with clean water, as well as the school where 900 boys and girls are taught, as well as the kindergarten and the infirmary. The hospital has had electricity from its own photovoltaic system for eight years now. Here too, the SEZ supported the Alpha-Bet association.

The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation supports the program beffekt! Development cooperation projects at home and abroad. For this purpose, the SEZ receives funds from the state of Baden-Württemberg.

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