AMAHORO! Anniversary funding

You can see the anniversary logo. It is red. You can see 40 years of Amahoro partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi.

© SEZ; Graphic: Studio Micha Binder

On the occasion of the anniversary of AMAHORO! State partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi, the SEZ supports Burundi-related events, media and public relations.

To ensure that the broad network of active and committed people grows, there is a unique event this year AMAHORO! Anniversary funding specifically for your Burundi-related events, media and public relations.

The funding is financed by the state of Baden-Württemberg with the aim of making AMAHORO! To make the state partnership better known.

The AMAHORO! Anniversary funding shortly:

  • Be promoted publicity activities, events, media etc. related to Burundi in Baden-Württemberg.
  • are eligible non-profit, private providers, clubs, organizations based in Baden-Württemberg, especially diasporic organizations.
  • The period of funding and activities is from now until December 31, 2024.
  • Applications should take approximately 8 weeks before carrying out the activity.
  • The amount of funding is a maximum of EUR 2.000 per activity.

Measures that serve the organizer's own or donor advertising will not be supported. The measures must guarantee an objective discussion of the development problem and the AMAHORO! Strengthen and promote the state partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi and increase its visibility. As a rule, the application must be received by the SEZ at least eight weeks before the implementation of the measure, i.e. in any case before the start of the measure including the active preparation phase, before public announcement/advertising of the measure and before the signing of contracts. Please send the documents both by email and (signed) by post .

All further information about the application, eligible measures, payment and proof of use can be found in the guidelines. 

We would be happy to advise you by phone or in person before submitting your application.

You can find out more about the anniversary here.

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