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In 2022, key areas of cooperation were defined for the AMAHORO! state partnership. The clusters are part of the political dialogue with Burundian partners, which is coordinated by the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg.

  • Governance and Local Government
  • Agroforestry
  • Health
  • Peace work
  • AMAHORO! School initiative
  • Climate & Environment

The clusters started their work at the BW-Burundi Conference in October 2022 Since then, a broad network has been formed. The actors who form the clusters are networks and contact points for people in Baden-Württemberg and Burundi who are already carrying out state partnership projects or have concrete ideas for a partnership project.

Governance and Local Government

The “Governance and Municipal” cluster, led by the Baden-Württemberg Association of Cities, is dedicated to expanding administrative capacities in the partnership. The Kehl University of Public Administration and the Université du Burundi are cooperating in setting up an administrative school to train municipal officials in Burundi. In addition, there are cooperation projects in relevant areas of municipal public services between municipalities in the partner countries.

Additional information:

Contact persons:
Mimun Ait Atmane,
Project Coordinator Municipal Partnerships, Association of Cities Baden-Württemberg

Prof. Dr. Ewald Eisenberg


Growing coffee in agroforestry systems offers a wide range of ecological and economic advantages. Since 2019, the fair trade importer WeltPartner eG and Naturland have been advising 17 cooperatives of the Burundian coffee association COCOCA on switching to this sustainable cultivation. The organic coffee produced from this is imported by WeltPartner and sold as partnership coffee. Rottenburg University of Applied Sciences and the Université Burundi are carrying out the accompanying scientific research. Both natural (erosion, water management, biodiversity, etc.) and social science aspects (acceptance, family income, etc.) are taken into account.

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The health cluster is headed by Anja Schelling, managing director of the Morpho Foundation in Tübingen. Various workshops were held to identify needs and the resulting health issues, and a network with actors from Burundi and Germany was set up. The current projects include first aid training in schools in 5 provinces in Burundi. In addition, the improvement of the infrastructure of the hospital in Kayanza was supported. Partnerships are to be established between Baden-Württemberg Red Cross associations and the Red Cross in Burundi.

Additional information:

Anja Schelling
+49 7071 754 312 - 6

Peace work

The cluster “Peace Work: Coordination of Civil Society and Research” connects scientific and civil society (including church) actors in Baden-Württemberg with actors in Burundi, Rwanda and the DR Congo. The goal: to develop a decolonizing (peace) culture of Ubuntu, i.e. respect, reciprocity and solidarity.
It builds on the long-standing peace work, particularly of the Mont Sion Gikungu Peace Center in Burundi and on the research and science transfer of the Caritas Science at the University of Freiburg (peace and conflict research including the Girubuntu Peace Academy (GPA) on decolonization, remembrance and peace work in Burundi and in the African Great Lakes region).

Additional information:
X: @GirubuntuPeace1

Contact persons:
In Germany
Dr. Deogratias Maruhukiro (PhD)
University of Freiburg / Department of Caritas Science

In Burundi 
Dr. Aloys Misago
Schoenstatt Fathers, Mont Sion Gikungu

AMAHORO school initiative

The school initiative makes the Burundi-Baden-Württemberg partnership tangible. Stimulating materials for educational work, creative projects, training courses, meetings and school partnerships bring shared learning spaces to life. Information and educational measures are monitored, planned, tested and implemented. In different formats, people deal with topics and questions in the context of the partnership and learn together. The school initiative builds on existing (school) partnerships that have developed over the years.

Additional information:

Divine Umulisa

Climate & Environment

The Climate Protection Foundation, together with atmosfair gGmbH, is developing climate protection projects in Burundi with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and actively combating climate change in Burundi. The projects are designed as compensation projects. This means that the emission reductions of the implemented measures are quantified and externally verified. One of the projects involves the introduction of improved cooking stoves. The use of highly efficient Save80 stoves reduces wood consumption for cooking by up to 80%, which leads to significant emission savings and reduces the pressure on deforestation in Burundi.

 Additional information:

Olga Panic-Savanovic

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