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Corporations (e.g. associations, foundations or gGmbHs) based in Baden-Württemberg that are recognized by the tax office as non-profit organizations, as well as municipalities, parishes and educational institutions from Baden-Württemberg, are eligible to apply.

Newly founded organizations without an exemption notice can be funded if you can provide a notice of determination.

Both the foundation's mission and the guidelines of the funding lines stipulate that the association's headquarters must be in Baden-Württemberg. For other funding opportunities, please see other funding opportunities.

The guidelines stipulate that only associations with headquarters in Baden-Württemberg can receive financial support. For any borderline cases, please contact us directly.

If you clearly sort out what effect you want to achieve on which target group, sorting will certainly be easier. If an impact is to be achieved in Baden-Württemberg and on the Baden-Württemberg population, we sort projects into beffects!Domestic. If the effect is mainly to be expected abroad or if the main component is a project with a foreign connection, then it is more of a case for beffekt!Abroad.

Unfortunately, projects that have already started cannot be funded.

Only one application per organization is permitted per year. You can therefore limit your application to one event or you can combine several events in one application.

In general, all forms of non-profit institutions are eligible for funding, but only if they have their headquarters in Baden-Württemberg (not individuals). For the special case of Burundi Please talk to us.

Only one application per funding line is permitted per institution per year.


You can apply to support educational projects in Germany with SEZ funds all year round apply.

For funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg (i.e. domestically) you can apply now.

The application is digitally via the Side of the funding line works! inland submit. There you will find the link to SEZ application portal.

It is not possible to submit an application for funding for development cooperation projects abroad within the scope of this current call for proposals. A call for proposals to support foreign projects will be launched probably in June will take place in 2022.

The application portal for beffective! Domestic closes am 23.05.2022 at 16:00 p.m. Just until then Applications received completely and correctly will be accepted. Applications by post will not be accepted.

If approval is granted, you will probably be Mid or late July informed about it. The project may only start after an approval has been announced and formally accepted.

The project can be done at the earliest Beginning of August 2022 and must be no later than Start November 2022.


It can have an effect on the conveyor line! A maximum of €20.000 in funding can be applied for for a project within Germany.

The requested effect works! The funding amount may not exceed 85% of the total income. The remaining amount must consist of 15% of your own funds and/or third-party funds (e.g. from another funding organization). The eligibility of the expenditure is checked for the total expenditure, not just the funding amount.

The target group of the projects supported by the funding lines for educational projects in Germany is the population of Baden-Württemberg. The aim is to convey content to her through educational projects and thus raise awareness for a just world.

The difference is the respective target groups. For more see this Project funding glossary

The project duration on the funding line has an effect! Domestic is limited to 12 months.


The number of applications varies from year to year. In 2022, due to the high number of applications compared to the available funds, only around 1/3 of the applications received were unfortunately approved for the funding line from the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The SEZ and the State Ministry appoint an independent award committee to decide on the allocation of funding. This consists of nationwide and regional experts in development cooperation and project work.



The funding follows the principle of financing shortfalls. This means that when you submit your application, you guarantee that you will be able to pay your own amount. You also have to do this over the course of the project. If the project becomes cheaper, there will be a smaller shortage. Accordingly, this will be “reduced” from the funding and must be repaid by the project sponsor with the billing.

If there have been previous projects that were funded by the state, the SEZ must have proof of use for these (unless the planned project duration has not yet expired or the specified reporting deadline has not yet been reached), otherwise the project sponsor is not eligible to apply.

The receipts must contain the information and attachments customary in business transactions, the issue receipts in particular the payment recipient, the reason and date of the payment, proof of payment and, in the case of items, the intended use. In the case of non-cash payouts, it is not necessary to state the date of payment and provide proof of payment if the payout can be proven using the accounting records. In addition, the documents must contain a clear allocation feature to the project (e.g. project number).

Fee or work contracts must be concluded in writing. The contract must regulate: period of activity, specific description of services, amount of the fee, accounting, tax recording and declaration obligations. Fee payments to paid (full-time) employees or members of the funding recipient are generally not eligible for funding. The contracts must be attached to the proof of use.

Fee payments to paid (full-time) employees or members of the funding recipient are generally not eligible for funding.

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