FAQS funding domestically

Only one application per funding line is permitted per institution per year.

Corporations (e.g. associations, foundations or gGmbHs) based in Baden-Württemberg that are recognized by the tax office as non-profit organizations, as well as municipalities, parishes and educational institutions from Baden-Württemberg, are eligible to apply.

The target group of the funding lines for educational projects in Germany is the population of Baden-Württemberg. The aim is to convey content to her through educational projects and thus raise awareness for a just world.

The guidelines stipulate that only associations with headquarters in Baden-Württemberg can receive financial support. For any borderline cases, please contact us directly.

The difference is the respective target groups. For more see this Project funding glossary

You can apply all year round to support educational projects in Germany using SEZ funds.

Funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg is always advertised in late spring. Please put yourself on our special mailing list and you will receive the advertisement directly. Please provide your name, club name, club address, telephone number and email address novak@sez.de mit.

For domestic projects funded by SEZ funds, the maximum funding limit is €400, and €20.000 for funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Only one application per organization is permitted per year. You can therefore limit your application to one event or you can combine several events in one application.

The SEZ convenes an award committee to decide on the allocation of funding. This consists of nationwide and regional experts in development cooperation and project work.

If there have been previous projects that were funded by the state, the SEZ must have proof of use for these (unless the planned project duration has not yet expired or the specified reporting deadline has not yet been reached), otherwise the project sponsor is not eligible to apply.

The funding is based on the principle of financing shortfalls. This means that when you submit your application, you guarantee that you will be able to pay your own amount. You also have to do this over the course of the project. If the project becomes cheaper, there will be a smaller shortage. Accordingly, this will be “reduced” from the funding and must be repaid by the project sponsor with the billing.

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